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Names Sheri Lewis, I am currently located In Vancouver, Canada. I have 12 Piercings, 7 Tattoos, And I plan on getting more Ink Pretty damn soon. I play videogames all day long and Im a Game art and Design Student at The Art Institute ! <3

My bloodelf cosplay shoot

This is my bloodelf Cosplay Makeup I did :)

This is my bloodelf Cosplay Makeup I did :)

pretty-chill said: yo gurl lemmie hit it


illidanstolemylegendariezs-deac said: hahah hey hey! its Roiid from WoW XD your old alliance buddy who carried you in old raids then went back to horde if you remember me! :P

Yes!!!! How are you?!


I love this girl <3

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five000years said: You rocking the spit lips well bb girl ;)

U wan sum fuk

poofychanx said: Aye gurl i love you and yo stream, (no lesbo) :3

Thanks babe

Anonymous said: is your tits natural ?


Anonymous said: yo


Anonymous said: You pull off the nude lip so well, which lipstick do you use ?

None I use lip balm lol baby lips